Backlink Planet is an SEO Link Building Agency that helps brands and companies acquire White Hat Backlinks through link building activities. We provide High-Quality links through Manual Outreach, Guest Blogging, Broken Link Building, with other tactics.

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We provide Backlinks that helps you to get top on google. Just choose your package provide details and get ready to rank.

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Backlink planet is one of the best backlink providing agencies. We provide backlinks that actually boost your site and help them to rank top on Google instantly.


“a goal without a plan is just a wish”

Planning is one of the most important steps to achieve success in any task. At backlink planet, we have a team of experts who will create a master plan for your Link Building goals that leads to success.

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“links are just not links

they can make or brake your site”

Planning is the first step. It’s time to take action and get your brand featured in the top-notch websites in your niche and industry. Our team of SEO experts will do manual outreach for your campaign and get the best link for your brands.

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“good results will always achieved by hard work”

Time to see the awesome report of your link-building campaign. We are offering our final report in Whitelabel for you so your brand stays out from the crowd. Grab your report and send it to your client. We handle the techy stuff for you to save your time and generate more revenues.


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Finally it is time to measure your success with link building campaigns. SEO is not just a link building game there are 200+ factors on which your campaign success is dependent so make sure you optimize them all to get the maximum results and ROI.

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As Mike Hawkins says “You don’t get results by focusing on results. You get results by focusing on the actions that produce results.”

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We know That Backlinks are important to rank in google and but getting natural backlinks is so hard and also need more time to get. So that why buying high quality backlinks is the best option for SEO. Backlink Planet provide you high quality natural backlinks.

Its is an important question. We are in the SEO industry from a long time and we have solid experience in it. We know how to build backlinks without getting hit by google logarithms so that’s why we are you best choice for buying backlinks.

Link diversity is a strategy of obtaining backlinks from different kinds of pages ( for example news, directories, articles links). Link diversity also means obtaining backlinks from a variety of domains such as .edu, .org, .com, .net and so on.

Yes, Backlinks are important to rank in google search and to crush your competitors and building authority in your niche. without links its very hard to rank in google. that’s why its important to have a good mixture of follow and no-follow backlinks with proper anchor text ratio.

Do you need a lot of backlinks to rank in google are or you can get high ranking in search engine with few backlinks this is the most common question ask in the seo industry and answer is we don’t need thousands of backlinks to rank in search results. we need to focus on earning high quality backlinks from our niche relevant high authority websites.

The answer is 1 quality strong and high authority backlinks is far far better then 10000 thousands spammy backlinks. we need to focus on quality link building in order to see the seo results and move the needle of seo link building efforts.